Beware. Beware.

That sweet, crisp, refreshing breeze

Soon becomes a ravaging, wrecking, devastating wind.

Withered Away

The leaves rustle
With the wind’s furious blowing
As gray clouds move
To shadow the sun.

Slowly, the sky turns
A beautiful shade of black and purple,
Promising a storm
Like never before.

Seconds, minutes, hours pass…
The rain doesn’t come.

Stillness. Quiet. Harmony. Peace.
The leaves stop rustling.
The gusty wind is no more.
Air is fresh. The storm is gone.

Rays of sunlight lighten my face.
Calmness and warmth running through my veins.
Oh! It feels so good…can it really be?
Alas! I’ve found my happy place.

I relished; was ravished

By the sun, the blue sky,
The damp grass tingling my feet,
The sunshine in my life.
Seconds, minutes, hours pass…
The warmth loses its hold.

Thunder and lightning nearby, again.

Fool I was. Fool I’ve become.
The worst–I learn–
Is yet to come.
Coldness infiltrates my bones.
My heart freezes; skips a beat.
The sharp, icy wind grabs hold of me
It hurls me off; away I go.
Seconds, minutes, hours pass…
Heart and soul, no longer in paradise.



Nighttime embraces me
Pulls me into its arms.

Drives me to sweet sleep–
Only to shake me awake
At the darkest hour.

I wake to the sound of silence,
All I hear is my restless mind.

Seconds pass,
Minutes pass,
Hours pass.

The soft light of morning
Slowly crawls through the blinds.

Deep breaths and a sigh,
It’s no use fighting back.
Sleep, rest, dreams–
Have all slipped from my hands.